Our History

Ducan Storrier and Neville Kelly – ‘Masters of their craft’.


Internationally respected and world renowned for their pioneering expeditions, Neville Kelly and Duncan Storrier have steered a daring course through some of the most challenging, uncharted waterways in the world – from Argentina to Zambia. Their passion and prowess extends to competitive racing with both men holding international titlesand Duncan winning the World Jet Boat River Racing Championship.

Applying these skills and their love of jet boating to the creation of Thunderjet was a natural progression for these expert drivers who can effortlessly handle Grade 5 white water and combat whatever nature throws at them with expert driving. Neville and Duncan won’t cut corners when it comes to your safety: their record is exemplary and with 50 years combined experience they know how to minimise the risks – for maximum fun.

Neville Kelly and Duncan Storrier take their inspiration for global adventure and discovery from Kiwi jet boat inventor and explorer Sir William Hamilton and choose to use exclusively Hamilton Jet Boats.

52 years ago Sir William used his kiwi ingenuity to create a jet propelled boat that finally allowed farmers to reach their sheep hiding away in the wilds of New Zealand’s southern high country. But he did more than that, refining jet propulsion and creating the modern jet boat in the process. His pioneering innovation has been embraced by many of New Zealand’s top drivers including Neville and Duncan.

Sir William Hamilton was not only an inventor but an explorer who, along with Sir Edmund Hillary, led a jet boat expedition up the Ganges River in 1977. Hamilton’s quest for adventure, discovery and technical perfection has set the benchmark for the Thunderjet team who want you to share in their intrepid journeys on Queenstown’s waterways.

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