About us

Meet the team

At Thunder Jet Queenstown our staff mean the world to us. We locally source most, but we do have a couple of different accents amongst the crew. Your adventure starts from the moment we see you, and we ensure you have the best experience possible.

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Our history

Ducan Storrier and Neville Kelly – ‘Masters of their craft’.

Internationally respected and world renowned for their pioneering expeditions, Neville Kelly and Duncan Storrier have steered a daring course through some of the most challenging, uncharted waterways in the world – from Argentina to Zambia. Their passion and prowess extends to competitive racing with both men holding international titles and Duncan winning the World Jet Boat River Racing Championship.


Our Jet Boats

Our boats

Our boats are state of the art technology. The two 820 horsepower V8 engines are designed to get you cruising at up to 85km p/h in no time.

Some features of our powerful jet boats include:

  • 820 horsepower twin V8 Engines
  • Marine sound system
  • Self-draining deck
  • Built in floatation tanks
  • Hamilton Jets 213 jet pumps

Designed by Mackraft Jet Boats in Bluff.


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