How We Rocked Our Way into 2017

Image of Thunder Jet's new jet boat, Thunder 4


Last year was the year we made our biggest resolution yet…

We aimed so high that it seemed impossible; simply unachievable. The numbers were showing their worth and creeping slowly to maximum capacity. We were closing in on capacity. What a fantastic problem to have, but not sustainable and how do we overcome it for the future?


New year, new jet boat.


Nothing in particular started happening until October came rolling around and the whisperings started – we’re getting a new boat for Christmas!

Things fast tracked immensely and it was all go, go, go! Getting a new jet boat was now all anyone could focus on as the excitement was certainly stirring amongst the team.

She was, by far, the best Christmas present we’ve ever had (in a world of jet boats, of course)! Just before Christmas, there she was, all new and shiny being backed into the workshop which was to be her new home.

We decided that such a special addition to our fleet, our family, deserved a dramatic introduction. She needed to get some hours under her belt before we could bring her out to show her off to the world. This is why we’ve chosen to shout it to the rooftops in 2017!


Thunder 4 Specs.

  • Largest boat ever built by Mackraft
  • A New Zealand first in design and execution
  • Capacity: 34 passengers
  • Twin Ford Raptor 440hp engines
  • Fusion Marine Sound System


Introducing, our newest member of the Thunder Jet Family, Thunder 4! We are proud as punch.

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